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Butcher’s Selection

What else will you find at Cumberland Food Stop?


beef cuts steak sirloin tips  Cumberland FoodStop

Butcher’s Chosen Meats

Our Butcher's Case

Our Butcher’s Case

beef cuts steak sirloin  Cumberland FoodStop

Steak Sirloin

Come Taste our Fresh Cut Certified Angus Rib-Eyes and Applewoood Smoked Bacon
….oh, and our delicious Fresh Ground Beef.  

Don’t forget to try our weekly featured meats.  

Beef Cuts steak marbled sirloin  Cumberland FoodStop

Marbled Rib Eye Steaks

Our Open Air Coller

Our Open Air Cooler

~Call ahead to have our Butcher select and prepare your order in advance. ~

You’ll find goat cheeses, block cheeses, hard salami, prosciutto, smoked salmon and more…new items arrive weekly

How to get the best out of your steak!

Step 4

Cut the steak on a bias angle for better bite, otherwise London Broil can be a little tough. We tossed these pieces with cooked onions and peppers for a delicious fajita style dinner

Step 3

We pan seared each side for two minutes and then broiled the steak in the oven for 10mins. You can grill it too!

Raw Steak

Our CAB London Broil has good marbling for flavor


Put 3/4 of your favorite marinade in bag (save the rest for finishing if you want) Marinate for at least an hour, more if you plan ahead

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