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Food and Wine Pairings

Winter Season 2015


The Cold winter months of January through March can be lonely and devoid Holiday gatherings that make social events so easy.  The Super Bowl is more of a “Beer & pretzel” holiday, and St. Patrick’s Day is a beer and..well, anything, day.  Don’t let your taste for good wine go dormant!  Let Mark or Lynne help guide you through the doldrums of another Maine Winter


Valentine’s Day:

Sparkling wines or anything paired with chocolate seems to be the magic fit for Valentine’s Day.  A bottle of bubbly seems to instantly add a flair and a sense of an “event” to any moment once the cork is popped.  You do not have to settle for Champagne nowadays; there are many delicious alternatives.  If you like a touch of sweetness to your bubbles, we suggest Prosecco, the Italian sparkling wine that has smaller bubbles and often has a flavor tinged with tart, dry apples.  Want to make a colorful presentation?  Try a sparkling Rose.  Various shades of pink introduce a sparkling wine that has a lightly fruity expression…and they go great with chocolate covered strawberries.


Cabin Fever:

As the cold weather settles in for a long haul, this would be a great time to get together with friends and neighbors and have an impromptu wine tasting.  As host, you can provide the munchies; keep it simple with cheeses, nuts, crackers or breads, and some easy meat items or hard salamis.  Keep it simple  (so that you’ll want to do it again!)  Have your guests bring a bottle and give them some parameters (ie:  price range, all reds or whites, or just from one region, etc.) otherwise you may get too much duplication.  Make it a theme night and have fun exploring what you like (or dislike) about the wine.  Come on in and ask Mark for suggestions, there are so many fun ways to make wine a social event!


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