How Big Is A Little Caesars Pizza?

How Big Is A Little Caesars Pizza?

Have you ever wondered about the sizes of pizzas at Little Caesars? With options like Personal Pan Pizza, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Deep Dish, and Thin Crust, Little Caesars offers a variety of pizza sizes to suit different tastes and appetites. Keep reading this article to learn about Little Caesars pizza sizes and how many people each can serve.

Little Caesars is a popular nationwide pizza chain known for its affordable pies. The sizes and servings of their pizzas can vary slightly by location, but here is an overview of the standard options:

What Are The Standard Pizza Sizes At Little Caesars?

Little Caesars offers pizzas in various sizes to meet the needs of individual customers and groups. Here is a rundown of their basic pizza size options:

Personal Pan Pizza

The Personal Pan Pizza from Little Caesars measures 8 inches in diameter. It is designed for individual consumption and is a nice compact pizza perfect for one person. The Personal Pan Pizza features the same fresh dough and tasty ingredients as the larger pizzas, just shrunk to a single serving size.

Medium Pizza

Little Caesars offers the Medium pizza, which measures 12 inches in diameter, for small groups and couples. The medium is a nice step up from the Personal Pan Pizza and is good for feeding 1-2 people who want a pizza to share.

How Big Is A Little Caesars Pizza?

Large Pizza

The most popular pizza size at Little Caesars is the Large pizza, which is 14 inches in diameter. The large pizza is great for feeding 2 to 3 hungry people and offers a good amount of pizza without tons of leftovers. This is likely the go-to size for many families and friend groups.

Extra Large Pizza

When you need to serve a larger crowd, Little Caesars has the Extra Large pizza, which measures 16 inches in diameter. The Extra Large pizza can feed groups of 4-6 and is ideal for big families, sports teams, clubs, and events. The Extra Large is probably your best bet if you’re ordering pizza for a big group.

What About Little Caesar’s Deep Dish Pizza?

In addition to their classic round pizzas, Little Caesars also offers a deep-dish pizza option. The Little Caesar’s deep dish is branded as DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza lso measures 16 inches in diameter,, like the Extra Large round pizza.

How Big Is A Little Caesars Pizza?

However, because it is denser and thicker than a normal pizza, the DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza can feed even more people – around 6-8 per pizza, depending on appetites, so if you need to serve a crowd and want a hearty deep dish option, the DEEP!DEEP! is a great choice.

And The Thin Crust?

Customers who prefer a thinner, crispier crust can order the Little Caesars Thin Crust pizza. Unlike the round pizzas, which come in different sizes, the Thin Crust only comes in one large size designed to feed multiple people.

Little Caesars says the Large Thin Crust pizza can feed four people. So it’s very similar in servings to the regular Large round pizza. The thin crust is a lighter option while still getting that big pizza experience.

Are The Pizza Sizes The Same At Every Little Caesars Location?

While those are the standard pizza sizes at Little Caesars, it’s important to note that sizes can vary slightly across different regions. For example, an Extra Large in one state may be an inch or two smaller/bigger than an Extra Large in another state.

How Big Is A Little Caesars Pizza?

Little Caesars stores are individually owned franchises, so minor variations in sizing between locations can exist. But the differences should be minimal, usually an inch or less. So,, no matter what store you visit, you can expect the Personal Pan, Medium, Large, and Extra Large round pizzas to be approximately 8″, 12″, 14″, and 16″ in diameter,, respectively.

How Many People Do Little Caesars Pizza Sizes Serve?

To recap, here is a quick guide to the serving sizes of standard Little Caesars pizzas:

  • Personal Pan Pizza (8″) – Feeds one person
  • Medium Pizza (12″) – Feeds 1-2 people
  • Large Pizza (14″) – Feeds 2-4 people
  • Extra Large Pizza (16″) – Feeds 4-6+ people
  • DEEP!DEEP! Dish (16″) – Feeds 6-8 people
  • Large Thin Crust – Feeds approx four people

Of course, serving sizes vary based on individual appetites. But in general, those guidelines should give you a good idea of how many people each Little Caesars pizza size will feed. The Large pizza is usually a good starting point for most families and small groups.


So there you have it – a full breakdown of the pizza sizes at Little Caesars and how big each one is! To quickly recap:

  • The personal Pan is 8 inches
  • Medium is 12 inches
  • Large is 14 inches
  • Extra Large is 16 inches
  • DEEP!DEEP! The dish is a 16-inch deep dish
  • Large Thin Crust feeds about four people

Keeping these Little Caesars pizza sizes in mind will help you easily choose the perfect amount of pizza for any occasion. Whether you need a personal snack, dinner for the family, or lots of pizza for a big crowd, Little Caesars has options to fit your needs.

FAQs about Little Caesars Pizza Sizes

Still, have questions about Little Caesars pizza sizes and servings? Here are some frequently asked questions:

How many slices are in a Little Caesars large pizza?

A large, 14-inch Little Caesars pizza is cut into eight slices.

What’s the diameter of a Little Caesars extra large pizza?

Little Caesars extra large round pizzas are 16 inches in diameter.

How big is a large deep-dish pizza from Little Caesars?

The DEEP!DEEP! Deep dish pizza from Little Caesars is 16 inches, like the extra large, but thicker.

Does Little Caesars have family-size pizzas?

Yes, the extra-large 16-inch pizza is considered a family size. They also have the DEEP!DEEP! Deep dish family size.

What is the size of a personal pizza from Little Caesars?

A personal pizza from Little Caesars is 8 inches long and is designed for one individual.

How many people does a medium Little Caesar pizza feed?

A medium 12-inch Little Caesars pizza generally feeds 1-2 people.

What’s the biggest pizza size at Little Caesars?

The extra large and DEEP!DEEP! Pizzas are both 16 inches, the biggest sizes at Little Caesars.

How big is the thin-crust pizza from Little Caesars?

Little Caesars offers one large thin-crust pizza designed to serve four people.


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