How to Find the Best Fast Food in Pakistan in 2023

Fast food is quite popular in Pakistan, with international chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut having a strong presence. However, Pakistan also has some excellent local fast-food chains and restaurants that serve delicious burgers, fries, pizza, sandwiches, rolls, and more.

If you are looking for the best fast food in Pakistan, here is a guide on how to find it in 2023:

What Makes the Best Fast Food in Pakistan?

Before looking at specific restaurants, let’s first understand what makes for great fast food in the Pakistani context:

  • Local flavours – The Best Fast Food in Pakistani spices, chutneys, and ingredients in the food. This gives a unique desi twist to standard burgers, fries, etc.
  • Freshness – Pakistanis love their food fresh, hot and made-to-order. The best fast food joints focus on serving freshly made food rather than pre-packaged items.
  • Value for money – Good fast food in Pakistan is tasty yet affordable for the average person. Expensive does not always mean better quality.
  • Consistency – Pakistanis are passionate about getting their favourite meals consistently right each time they visit. The best chains have mastered consistent food quality.
  • Ambience – Given the choice, Pakistanis prefer fast food in clean, air-conditioned, modern outlets rather than barebones setups.
  • Service – Fast and courteous service is appreciated, as most customers are in a rush. Well-trained staff can enhance the dining experience.
  • Innovation – While the classics are important, the best fast-food outlets innovate to excite customers with new burgers, desserts, promotions, etc.

The Most Popular Fast Food Chains in Pakistan

While tastes and opinions vary, these fast food chains have become icons in Pakistan for their distinctive flavours and service:

Best Fast Food in Pakistan


The world’s largest fast food chain needs little introduction. McDonald’s has over 300 outlets across Pakistan serving their signature beef and chicken burgers, fries, wraps, desserts and beverages. Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets are customer favourites. McDonald’s keeps their menu loaded with value deals and new limited-time offers that attract crowds. Their food quality and service consistency make McDonald’s a go-to for safe, familiar fast food.


KFC is another international giant specializing in fried chicken, with around 70 outlets in Pakistan. Their Hot & Crispy chicken bucket meals and Zinger burgers are quite popular. KFC has created localized flavours like the Zinger Jalfrezi burger and Chicken Badshah. They routinely introduce seasonal deals on bucket meals and snacks that get people flocking to their counters.

Pizza Hut

With a chain of over 70 restaurants, Pizza Hut serves a wide range of pizzas, wings, sides and desserts. Their pan pizzas with local toppings like Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebab are best-sellers. Other local menu innovations like the Cheesy Burst Biryani pizza also do well. Pizza Hut frequently runs deals like buy-one-get-one-free on pizzas that deliver great value.


Originating from Karachi, OPTP (Only Pizza and Chicken) has expanded to many cities with over 70 outlets. As their name suggests, their focus is serving delicious fried chicken and pizzas at affordable rates. Their spicy fried chicken is quite juicy and flavoursome. Pizzas come in local flavours like Chicken Tikka, khai paneer, etc. OPTP has monthly deals on combo buckets and family meals.


The American burger chain entered Pakistan in 2018 and now has 13 outlets. Hardee’s is best known for charbroiled burgers like the Original Thickburger and chicken sandwiches like the Big Chicken Fillet. They also serve halal food options only. Hardee’s has introduced flavours like the Masala Melt Thickburger locally. Their combo meals provide decent value.

The Best Fast Food in Pakistan Chains

While international brands are popular, Pakistan also boasts some amazing homegrown fast-food chains serving distinctive desi flavours. Here are among the best:


Originating from Karachi, OPTP (Only Pizza and Chicken) has expanded to many cities with over 70 outlets. As their name suggests, their focus is serving delicious fried chicken and pizzas at affordable rates.

Best Fast Food in Pakistan

Their spicy fried chicken is quite juicy and flavoursome. Pizzas come in local flavours like Chicken Tikka, khai paneer, etc. OPTP has monthly deals on combo buckets and family meals.

Burger Lab

Started in Lahore, Burger Lab has expanded to 15+ outlets across Pakistan. Their unique selling point is gourmet burgers with premium beef patties and flavour combinations. Some of their signature burgers are Lab Signature, BBQ Burger, Islamic Burger, etc. They also have delicious loaded fries and shakes. Burger Lab provides a higher-end fast food experience with its pricing and ambience.

Hot n Spicy

This Karachi-based chain focusing on fried chicken and fries has 70+ outlets nationwide. Their chicken strips and wings pack quite a spicy punch and crunch. Tikka strips, Malai boti strips, and jalapeno poppers are some customer favourites. Hot n Spicy has value deals on buckets and combo plates. They have a wide beverage selection, including fresh juices. Their trademark spicy flavour profile gives them a niche.

Rollz n Grillz

With 50+ outlets in Lahore and Islamabad, Rollz n Grillz serves delicious grilled meat rolls, burgers and wraps. Their signature one-hand rolls come with fillings like grilled chicken, mutton chunks, shami kebab, etc., wrapped in a mini naan. Their grilled chicken and mutton seekh burgers are also quite popular. Rollz n Grillz uses desi flavors and ingredients like their Chili Cheese Fries. Affordable prices combined with tasty grilled food make this a popular local brand.

Mr Burger

Operating since 1990, Mr Burger is a Karachi institution with 70+ outlets today. Their claim to fame is the Mr Burger patty – a spicy all-beef patty that sets their burgers apart. Chicken and mutton patties are also available. Common burgers include the Classic Mr Burger, Chicken Delight, and Lal Masala Burger; Noodle bowls, fries, sides, and gelato ice cream round out the menu. Mr Burger is known for its consistent burger taste and economical price point.

Tips for Finding the  Outlet Best Fast Food in Pakistan

The nationwide chains may not be the best options in every town. Here are some tips for finding the tastiest best fast food in Pakistan in local areas:

  • Ask foodie friends – Word-of-mouth from fellow food lovers in your city is often the best recommendation source.
  • Check food forums – Many cities have active Facebook groups and forums where people discuss their latest food finds. Check those out.
  • Visit local restaurants – Explore standalone restaurants near colleges and office areas for good fast food.
  • Search food delivery apps – Top-rated and popular outlets on food delivery apps like Foodpanda are worth trying.
  • Look for crowds – Long lines outside a fast food joint usually indicate happy customers!
  • See reviews on Google Maps – The ratings and reviews for restaurants on Google Maps can uncover local gems.
  • Spot cleanliness – A clean kitchen, seating, and staff mark a well-run food place.
  • Sample menu innovation – Unique burgers and flavours indicate an outlet experimenting with food.
  • Check prices – Reasonable prices and the above traits are the sweet spot to find good value.

Our Picks for the Best Fast Food in Pakistan: Major Cities

Putting together recommendations from food experts and local sources, here are some of the best fast-food restaurants and chains worth trying out in Pakistan’s biggest cities:


  • Burger O’Clock – Juicy burgers with premium patties and unique buns
  • 18th Street Pizza – Known for its authentic New York-style pizza
  • Hot n Spicy – Top spot for spicy fried chicken and wings
  • Roll Patti – Iconic kebab rolls served fresh and hot
  • Broadway Pizza – Crowd favourite pizzeria with great deals
  • Burger Lab – Gourmet burgers with quality ingredients


  • OPTP – Tasty pizzas and fried chicken at low rates
  • Mrs. Lovett’s – Signature chicken sandwiches and burgers
  • Burger Stack – Customizable stacked burgers with unique sauces
  • Pizza Point – Popular for delicious pizza and garlic bread
  • Rollz n Grillz – Mouthwatering selection of grilled meat rolls
  • Juice & Grill – Known for grilled chicken alongside fresh juices


  • Hot Spot – Top spot for traditional desi cuisine, including rolls
  • Howdy – American-style burgers with halal beef patties
  • Burger Plus – Great deals on combo platters
  • Pizza Den – Pizza Den’s BBQ chicken pizza has a devoted following
  • Jalal Sons – Legendary chain for tasty Karhai gosht and Peshawari chapli kebabs
  • OPTP – Top pizza and chicken spot catering citywide delivery


  • McDonald’s – Consistently good burgers, fries and flurry
  • AFC (Al-Fatah) – Famed for their masala fries and zingers
  • Pizza & Fried Chicken – Top-notch chicken and pizzas at low rates
  • Burger House – Juicy grilled chicken and mutton burgers
  • Hot n Crispy – Excellent spicy fried chicken meal deals
  • Mr. Cod – Beloved chain for fish and chips


  • Krunch Fried Chicken – Crispy, spicy fried chicken done right
  • Pizza Point – Crowd-pleaser with great pizza flavours
  • Al-Madina Rolls – A delectable assortment of meat kebab rolls
  • McDonald’s – Consistent burgers, fries and friendly service
  • 671 Pizza & Burger – Value for money pizza and burger meals
  • Sharma Snacks – Top spot for chaat and fast food snacks


  • KFC – Favorite fried chicken meals and snacks
  • Pizza Hut – Reliable pizzas and wings with online ordering
  • Broast & Grill – Signature broasted (pressure-fried) chicken with great seasoning
  • Charsi Tikka – Melt-in-your-mouth lamb and chicken BBQ
  • Khan Broast & Grill – Top spot for stuffed chicken cheese breast
  • Chapli Kabab – The legendary beef chapli kebab joint


  • Al-Baik – Famous chain loved for its roast chicken and nuggets
  • Arena – Juicy beef and chicken burgers at good rates
  • Pizza Maxim’s – Crowd pleaser with fast pizza delivery
  • AFC – Tasty snacks and meals, including fried chicken
  • McDonald’s – Halal happy meals and burgers with kids play area
  • Sajji – Mouthwatering lamb sajji skewers


  • Mr. Right – Their popular chicken cheeseburger has a cult following
  • 601 Pizza Point – Great deals on pizza, wings and sides
  • Bundu Khan – Iconic kabab rolls from the 1950s era
  • KFC – Go-to for fried chicken buckets and meals
  • Papa John’s Pizza – Quick pizza delivery with online ordering
  • Hardee’s – Quality burgers in a fast-casual setting

So try out these legendary chains and eateries to taste the best fast food in Pakistan! Pakistan has so much to offer foodies looking for a quick, delicious, and affordable meal on the go.

Best Fast Food in Pakistan

More Tips for Finding the Best Fast Food in Pakistan 

Checking Hygiene Ratings

Many cities in Pakistan now have hygiene rating systems for restaurants. Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi have hygiene inspection programs that rate restaurants on cleanliness and food safety. Checking an outlet’s hygiene rating and latest inspection report can help identify fast food places prioritizing health standards. Opting for an “A” rated fast food restaurant can minimize the risk of foodborne illness.

Trying Food Courts

Most malls in major Pakistani cities have large food courts with local and international fast food outlets. Food courts provide a convenient way to sample and compare multiple fast food options in one place. Since foot traffic is high, the food is often prepared fresh. Mall food courts in cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad offer tasty fast food choices like burgers, rolls, noodles, pizza slices, ice cream and more.

Joining Social Media Food Groups

Pakistan has seen a boom in food-focused social media groups on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Joining city-specific food groups can provide insider tips on new fast-food outlets and recommendations for must-try items at different restaurants. Foodies share real-time reviews plus food photos that help identify promising fast food options before you visit. Food groups and discussions can uncover the next hot fast food spot.

Trying Food Delivery Apps

Apps like Foodpanda, Cheetay, Eat Mubarak, etc. make delivering fast food very convenient. Browse restaurant listings on these apps, check menus, prices, and reviews and order food to your doorstep. Trying new fast food spots through delivery is an easy way to sample options beyond your regular go-tos. You can discover more restaurant choices as delivery apps expand their coverage to new areas within cities.

Considering Fritters and Snacks

In addition to burger and pizza chains, Pakistan has a dynamic street food culture. Samosa, pakora, rolls, kebabs, chaat, and other deep-fried snacks are popular for quick bites and the most affordable fast food in Pakistan. Lahore is especially renowned globally for its food street snacks. Watch for your city’s best-rated snack shops and street food stalls to sample these piping hot fritters and chaat items as satisfying fast meals.

Exploring Desi Burger Options

In addition to regular burgers, Pakistan has popularized desi burger options that fuse international burger flavours with unique local tastes. Try out Zinger burgers at KFC, Masala Melt burgers at Hardee’s, Mutton Kheema burgers at McDonald’s, Gulab Jamun burgers at Pizza Hut and Tikka burgers at Burger Lab. The desi burger scene brings burgers an authentic local twist.

Comparing Prices Online

Most fast-food chains in Pakistan publish their menu with prices online. Browse the official websites or delivery app menus to compare prices for items like burgers, wraps, buckets and combos.

This can help find the most economical deals. Prices can vary considerably across outlets of the same chain in different neighbourhoods. Doing research online first pays off.

Signing Up For Email Alerts

Many fast food outlets build their email subscriber list by offering special promo codes and discounts. Signing up for email alerts from chains you frequent means you’ll get updates on the latest deals, coupons and seasonal offers delivered to your inbox. Watch for special student discounts, freebie giveaways and other savings opportunities.

Trying Food Festivals

Pakistan hosts exciting food festivals in major cities celebrating local cuisines. Lahore and Karachi hold big annual food festivals like Lahore Eat, Karachi Eat, etc., with stalls from top fast food outlets. Food festivals offer a variety of stalls, live music and an energetic ambience, and you can experience top local and global chains together.

Asking What’s Popular

Please don’t be shy about asking the fast food outlet staff what their top-selling and recommended items are. The folks taking orders directly interact with customers daily to know the hottest burger or pizza flavours and give feedback on the latest menu additions. Their insights can guide you away from menu flops or point out items you must try.

Checking For Queue Systems

Well-run fast food outlets invest in queue management and token systems during rush hours. Opting for places with orderly queues versus chaotic crowds indicates better operations. Token systems also help control rush hour madness. This maximizes the speed of service so you get your food faster.

Avoiding Peak Times

Planning your fast food run for off-peak hours helps avoid disappointment. Be it lunch or dinner rush; peak times result in longer wait times, fouler moods and higher chances of food items running out. Visiting post-lunch or dinner lets you beat the crush. Weekday afternoons are less chaotic than weekends.

Comparing Menus on Aggregator Sites

Websites like Zomato compile menus from restaurants across cities in one place for easy comparison. You can pull up the latest menus and prices for fast food outlets of interest.

Some aggregator sites also have menus with nutritional information like calories to aid health-conscious choices.

Joining Customer Reward Programs

Signing up for loyalty programs at fast food chains you frequent makes sense. Programs like McDonald’s Extra Value Meals, KFC Chak De and Pizza Hut’s Treats offer special member discounts, freebies and birthday rewards.

Giving your contact info pays off over time with tailored deals sent your way.

Tryingcombos and Family Deals

Opting for combo meals, sharer packs and family deals at fast food outlets maximizes value. Combos provides savings over ordering items individually. Family meals and sharer packs with buckets, drinks and sides are economical for group outings. Many places offer discounted combo deals daily or weekly.

Going for Brand Consistency

Sticking to reputable national and international brands means consistent food quality and service across their outlets. So, for burgers, McDonald’s and Hardee’s deliver familiar taste and satisfaction in whichever city you’re in. Choosing standalone restaurants in new cities is riskier.

Using Food Delivery Site Filters

Food ordering sites and apps allow filtering restaurants by cuisine, location, budget, reviews, etc. When seeking fast food, filter by categories like Burgers, Snacks, Fried Chicken, Desi, etc or by city area to narrow your options. Checking budget filters shows outlets in your price range.

Best Fast Food in Pakistan

Asking Your Hotel

When visiting a new Pakistani city, the hotel staff can provide solid, fast food recommendations nearby. Plus, they can guide you on what cuisines and restaurant types the locality is best known for. Hotel staff want guests to have a good time, so their food tips are trustworthy.

So, in summary, Pakistan offers a wonderful variety of fast food. Checking hygiene ratings, bargain hunting, reading reviews and joining food groups can help find any city’s tastiest fast food outlets.

Experimenting beyond the usual global chains opens up local delights. With so many dappetizinglcous options, Pakistan promises a fulfilling fast-food experience!

FAQs on Fast Food in Pakistan

What are the most popular fast food items in Pakistan?

Some of the most popular fast foods among Pakistanis include:

  • Burgers (beef, chicken, fish)
  • Pizza
  • Fried chicken (breast, hot wings, strips)
  • Rolls (kebab rolls, chicken rolls)
  • Fries
  • Hot dogs/corn dogs
  • Sandwiches (club, chicken fillet)
  • Wraps
  • Nuggets and popcorn
  • Milkshakes and juices

What are some uniquely Pakistani fast food flavours?

Some fast food innovations with desi flavours popular in Pakistan:

  • Nihari or paya burgers – burgers with beef nihari or paya
  • Tikka pizza or burger – chicken tikka flavours
  • Achari wings or fries – with pickle spices
  • Bihari both rolls – spicy beef broth
  • Karhai pizza – with karhai masala
  • Masala fries – fries with chickpea coating
  • Anday wala burger – with a fried egg
  • Shami kebab rolls – with minced meat kebabs
  • Katakat – crispy chicken/fish with spices
  • Gol happy – burgers with fried puri and chickpeas

What are some tips for eating healthy at fast food outlets in Pakistan?

Tips for healthier fast food options in Pakistan:

  • Choose grilled sandwiches/burgers instead of fried
  • Opt for roasted chicken instead of fried/broasted
  • Order salad instead of fries in combos
  • Choose thin-crust pizzas with veggie toppings
  • Share a regular portion with a friend vs. overordering
  • Opt for subs instead of burgers or rolls
  • Choose wraps/rolls with roasted meat over fried
  • Go for boiled items like corn dogs, pasta, nuggets,
  • Order juices, yoghurt drinks or water instead of soft drinks
  • Use sauces and dressings sparingly, or avoid them altogether
  • Pick smaller snack portions like nuggets over large meals

What are some noteworthy innovations happening in Pakistan’s fast-food industry?

Some interesting fast food innovations in Pakistan recently include:

  • More global chains like Domino, Dunkin Donuts, and KFC are entering Pakistan
  • Cloud kitchens optimizing delivery-only operations
  • Increased focus on digitization – apps, online ordering, loyalty programs
  • Use of social media for promotions and engagement
  • Drive-thru outlets for convenience
  • Eco-friendly packaging initiatives
  • Meal combo deals and Family packages
  • Floating restaurants/boats for a unique dining experience
  • Food trucks at public places like parks and events
  • Celebrity brand ambassadors and city-wise brand representatives
  • Home-delivery call centres for taking orders
  • Self-order kiosks at outlets to reduce queues
  • Customization options for burgers and pizzas

What are some tips for finding good, clean fast-food restaurants in Pakistan?

Tips for finding clean and hygienic fast food places in Pakistan:

  • Check that staff wear caps, gloves, masks
  • See if hand sanitizers are provided
  • Look for clean floors and tables
  • Avoid places with flies or pests
  • Check for sealed cutlery and straws
  • See that the kitchen area is neat
  • Give preference to chains over standalone outlets
  • Check reviews online for hygiene feedback
  • Look for outlets with higher foot traffic
  • Opt for places with clean washrooms for customers
  • Consider table service vs self-service
  • See if fresh food is prepared on order
  • Avoid places with leftovers sitting out

So, in summary, the fast food scene in Pakistan is vibrant and has much to offer. Both global chains and local outlets provide delicious options like burgers, pizza, fried chicken and more with desi twists.

Following tips from foodies, checking reviews and using observation – one can find the best fast food outlets in all major cities across Pakistan to enjoy hygienic, fresh and mouthwatering meals on the go. The fast food experience here keeps getting better as restaurants innovate and optimize.

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